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|> A quick overview

This 5 days Certification Program on PCB Designing, is specially designed to help students to get familiar with designing tools used in manufacturing industries.

This course will take you from basics of designing terminology to main manufacturing files. A detailed overview about the controls, schematics, components, design rules and rule checks, PCB layouts along with a live projects will make you comfortable with designing software's. At the end of the course you will have done 5 PCB design of your own and will have gained enough confidence to face the electronics world.

|> Course Outline

  1. Introduction to PCB Design

  2. Schematic Design concepts

  3. Component Library Concepts

  4. Design Transfer to PCB and Design Rule Check

  5. PCB Deigning concepts

  6. Generate Custom Symbols and Footprints

  7. PCB Material Selection and Copper Grading

  8. Project design- Do it Yourself

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|> Detailed Course structure

/1. Introduction to PCB Design

  • Fundamentals of circuit

  • Basic electrical terminology 

  • Introduction to Analog Circuit Design

  • Introduction to Digital Circuit Design

  • Introduction to components, symbols

  • Optimization and arrangement of circuit

/2. Schematic Design concepts

  • Fundamentals of Schematic Design 

  • Introduction to components, symbols

  • Getting familiar with schematic controls

  • Fundamentals of Layers & Tracks

  • Advanced schematic concepts 

  • Port / off-sheet connections

  • Circuit reuse

  • Design hierarchy

  • Net classes

  • Design rules

  • Multi-channel design

  • Differential nets

  • Busses and wire harnesses

  • Complete advanced schematic pages 

  • Create design hierarchy

  • Apply net classes and design rules to schematic pages

  • Annotation of components

  • Placing, editing and connecting components

  • Editing Graphics and texts

  • Proper schematic structure and layout 

  • Page sequencing

  • Symbol placement

  • Net naming

  • Power and ground symbols

  • Create simple schematic pages

  • Getting started with basic design

/3. Component Library Concepts

  • Library components

  • Schematic symbol

  • PCB footprint

  • Component parameters

  • Preparing to create net list

  • Selection of Suitable Foot Prints

  • Creating final Net lists

  • Introduction to course project 

/4. Design Transfer to PCB and Design Rule Check

  • Design synchronization with schematic tool

  • Design transfer using netlist

  • Design rule concepts

  • Design Rule Checking

/5. PCB Deigning concepts

  • Introduction to PCB Layout controls

  • Understanding concepts of layers

  • Import of netlist Components

  • Arrangement and placing of Components

  • Routing Guidelines

  • Track layers and thickness

  • Discontinuities- Bends, Vias, Pads & Connectors

  • Porting, defining Power & Ground

  • Altering Pad sizes as per need

  • Generating Printing/CAM Files

  • Generating BOM File

/6. Generate Custom Symbols and Footprints

  • Introduction to designing of a component

  • Understanding datasheet, component dimensions

  • Creating new Symbol from datasheet

  • Creating new Footprint from datasheet

  • Adding Symbols & Footprints to Library

  • Creating New Library for Custom Components

  • Using Libraries as a Local and Global

/7. PCB Material Selection and Copper Grading 

  • Understanding different PCB manufacturing materials

  • Introduction Copper layers and Thickness

  • Calculation of Copper to be used as per circuit

  • Understanding Heating issues in PCB 

  • Addressing them using suitable heat sink and track width

/8. Project design- Do it Yourself

  • AC-DC Converter

  • IR Sensor

  • Motor Driver

  • Home Automation Driver Board

  • Controller Based Motherboard

Start your career as 
PCB Designer... 

With a Verified Certificate highlight your knowledge and skills as PCB Engineer


PCB Design & Development

  • Duration : 5 Days - 4hrs/Day


  • Mode : Class Room Program

  • Price : Rs 2,499/- 

  • Certifications : 

Course Completion Certificate
Project Completion Certificate

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