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|> A quick overview

This 7 days Certification Program on Industrial Internet of Things is designed to help students to get familiar with real application of sensors, controllers & Actuators in Industry, so that they get complete Industrial Exposure and gain practical knowledge in Industrial embedded systems.

This course will take you from basics of sensors, controllers & Actuators to a complex network comprising of multiple sensors, actuators & controllers working together forming a closed control loop. You will get a real time experience of designing & deployment of a project, validation and testing process. This Courses in designed as per the Industry standards and requirements.

|> Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Internet of things

  2. Getting Started with MCU-ESP8266

  3. Sensors, Actuators & Electronics

  4. Wireless Communication Technology

  5. IoT using Blynk Mobile Platform

  6. IFTTT and Its Applications

  7. ESP8266- Cloud Data Monitoring

  8. IoT using IBM Cloud

  9. IoT using Raspberry Pi and Python

10. Things Board Interface

11. IoT Analytics

12. Projects

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|> Detailed Course structure

/1. Introduction to Internet of things

  • Theory: Introduction to IoT

  • Theory: IoT Applications

  • Theory: IoT Network Architecture

  • Theory: IoT Device Architecture

  • Theory: IoT Communication Protocols

/2. Getting Started with MCU-ESP8266

  • Theory: Understanding microcontroller and its pin Configuration

  • Theory: Introduction to MCU Programming

  • Theory + Practical: Variable, Data Types,

  • Theory + Practical: Loops, Conditional Statements and its uses

  • Theory + Practical: Basic Data Read and Write syntax 

  • Theory + Practical: Serial Communication

  • Practical: Basic code for led Blink

  • Practical: Reading Digital Sensor

  • Practical: Reading Analog Sensor

  • Practical: Serial communication

  • Practical: Writing Digital data

  • Practical: Combination of sensors and actuators

  • Practical: Visualizing sensor data locally in IDE

/3. Sensors, Actuators & Electronics

  • Theory: Introduction to sensors and its types

  • Theory: Sensors pin configurations

  • Practical: Communication between sensor and MCU

  • Practical: Analog Sensors Interface: Temperature, Light , Potentiometer

  • Practical: Digital Sensor Interface: Soil , Motion, DHT11, IR Sensor

  • Practical: Interfacing Output: Relay, Servo Motor, Led’s

/4. Wireless Communication Technology

  • Theory: Introduction to wireless technologies

  • Theory: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet,

  • Theory: Lora WAN, ZigBee

  • Theory: Overview of Communication Protocols

/5. IoT using Blynk Mobile Platform

  • Practical: Setting up Blynk

  • Practical: Install Blynk Library

  • Practical: Exploring various control widgets

  • Practical: Exploring various display widgets

  • Practical: Notification widgets and virtual pins

/6. IFTTT and Its Applications

  • Practical: Introduction to IFTT

  • Practical: Automate day to day Activities using IFTTT

  • Practical: Google Voice automation Using IFTTT

  • Practical: ESP8266 with IFTTT

  • Practical: Smart Home Project With IFTTT

/7. Cloud Data Monitoring using ESP8266

  • Theory: Concept & Architecture of Cloud

  • Theory: Role of Cloud Computing in  IoT

  • Practical: Tools, API and Platform for integration of IoT devices with Cloud

  • Practical: Internet of Things platforms for ESP8266

  • Practical: Posting the sensor data online

  • Practical: Retrieving your online data

  • Practical: Monitoring sensor data from a cloud dashboard

  • Practical: IoT cloud platform and integration with Gateway

  • Practical: Working with ThingsSpeak.

/8. IoT using IBM Cloud

  • Getting Started with IBM Watson IOT Platform

  • Send Sensor data to Watson IOT Platform using MQTT

  • Visualizing real-time data by using boards and cards

  • Getting started with Watson IoT Platform

  • Using Node-RED Watson IOT Node IBM IOT App Node

  • Create Node-RED application to receive events from the device

/9. IoT using Raspberry Pi and Python

  • Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

  • Interfacing Hardware with the Raspberry Pi

  • Introduction to Python Programming

  • Node-Red: M2M and Gateway

  • MQTT Broker and client application

/10. Things Board Interface

  • Interfacing Hardware with the Things Board Platform

  • Creating Different Projects

  • Understanding rule methods

  • Creating Chart and graphs

  • Creating Alerts in Telegraph, Mail

  • Creating dashboard for multiple user rule

  • Edge computing in platform

  • Data filtration and alteration

  • Connecting multiple charts

  • Scheduled Reports

/11. IoT Analytics

  • Introduction to IoT Analytics

  • HTTP, MQTT and CoAP

  • Python for Data Analysis and Machine Learning

  • Accessing IoT Data Processing IoT data Analyzing IoT data

  • Predictive Analytics using ML

/12. Projects

  • Vibration Capture and reporting

  • Temp Capture and reporting

  • Control Fault Via IoT Platform

  • Home Automation with Energy reports

  • Water consumption Monitoring and reporting

  • 3ph Voltage Monitoring and Alert system

Start your career as 
IoT Engineer... 

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Industrial Internet of Things

  • Duration : 7 Days - 4hrs/Day

  • Level : BASIC

  • Mode : Class Room Program

  • Price : Rs 8,000/- 

  • Certifications : 

Course Completion Certificate
Project Completion Certificate

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