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Electric Vehicle Master Program
6 Weeks Classroom Program
Hands-on + Live Projects+ Internship
Advanced Training Program 
Offline Hands-on Practical 
Rs 95,000/-  Now at Rs 35,000/- + GST

Last Date Of Registration :  12 Sep 
Date of Course Commencement : 19 Sep   

- Course Completion Certificate
- Project Completion Certificate
- Internship Completion Certificate

A quick overview

Admission Opened for "Electric Vehicle Master (Training + Internship) Program" - A flagship & unique program administered by Logiczap NextGen Technologies' State-of-art Electric Vehicle Laboratory. This is a 6-week Master Program on Electric Vehicle Technology, includes (In-depth Theory Classes in Smart Classroom, Hands-on Practical Training in State-of-art EV LAB, Internship in EV Domain, Live Projects, Research/Patent/R&D Activity, 100% Placement Assistance, Entrepreneurship Support in EV Domain)


Course Content

  • Practical with basic electrical components like Resistor, capacitor & Inductor

  • Understand electrical Power & losses through practical experiments

  • Learn about Conductors, Semi-Conductors, insulators

  • Comparison between series and parallel circuits

  • Application of series and parallel circuits in Automotive

  • Ohm’s Law with practical demonstration

  • Effect of variation in temperature on resistance

  • Importance application of Series-Parallel connection in EV

  • Open circuit, Short circuit, and its significance in EV

  • Applications of Diode, Special Purpose Diodes and Its application in EV

  • Switch, Clipper, Clamper and Rectifier, Zener Diode and Its application in EV

  • Practical demonstration of diode operation

  • Basics of Transistor and it's application in an automotive electrical system

  • Understanding transistors by making an analogy to faucets

  • Practical demonstration of transistor operation

  • Learn AC and DC, generation of Alternating voltage and current

  • Sinusoidal Signal- Terminology, Phase and Phase Difference an AC circuit

  • Delta-Star and Star-Delta transformation and applications

  • Kirchhoff’s Laws, Nodal Analysis, Mesh Analysis of Electrical Networks

  • Learn about different commonly used Waveforms

  • Application of different waveforms in automotive

  • Basics of 3-Phase current and its application

  • Magnetic circuits, Comparison of electric and Magnetic Circuits

  • Basic topology in Magnetic circuits

  • Basic understanding of generator & motor action

  • Construction of motor and its application in automotive

  • Basic understanding three-phase induction motors

  • Application OF three-phase induction motors its automotive

  • Generation of rotating magnetic Field'

  • Importance of balanced 3-phase current

  • In-depth study on induction motor 

  • Different Components of Electric Vehicles 

  • Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles  

  • Working with DC-DC Converter   

  • Working with AC-DC Converter   

  • Working with Li-ion Battery   

  • Working with Li-ion Battery Pack  

  • Learn about Battery Management System 

  • Design a Battery Pack   

  • Learn about EV Charging Technologies  

  • Working With Different EV Chargers  

  • Learn about different Motor Technologies 

  • Working With BLDC Hub Motor   

  • Working with DC Inrunner Motor  

  • Learn about Motor Control Mechanism  

  • Working with different motor controllers 

  • Acquire data from Temp Sensor in Battery Pack

  • Plotting Temp Sensor Data in Graph  

  • Logging and Analysis of Temp sensor data 

  • Acquire Voltage and Current of Battery Pack 

  • Plotting Voltage and Current Data in Graph 

  • Logging and Analysis of Voltage and Current Data

  • Acquire data from Throttle Position Sensor 

  • Plotting TPS Data in Graph   

  • Logging and Analysis of TPS Data  

  • Acquire data from Brake Switch Sensor  

  • Plotting Brake Switch Data in Graph  

  • Logging and Analysis of Brake Switch  

  • Measuring Motor RPM Externally  

  • Plotting Motor RPM Vs TPS Data  

  • Read data from Hall Effect Sensors of HUB Motor

  • Plotting Hall Effect Sensor Data   

  • Build ATMEGA Based circuit for EV Motor Control

  • Code ATMEGA to control EV Motor Speed 

  • Code ATMEGA to control EV Motor direction 

  • Manipulate Motor Speed based on TPS Data 

  • Build Open Loop System for motor Control 

  • Build Closed loop System for motor Control 

  • Build Cruise Control System for EV  

  • Adaptive Cruise Control using LIDAR  

  • Embedded Hardware

  • Various programming Languages         

  • Selection of programming Language         

  • Need of Flow Diagram          

  • Introduction to Embedded C         

  • Constants, Variables, Data Types & Operators         

  • Control Structure & Loops  

  • Decision making with if , If else          

  • Decision making with While and Do – While 

  • Loops, Infinite loops, Nested loops      

  • Decision making with Switch statement, 

  • Introduction to Functions, Types of Functions         

  • A Multi functional program, Return values & their types

  • Introduction to Timers & Counters

  • Introduction to Interrupts         

  • Introduction to Serial Communication

  • Introduction to I2C Communication

  • Introduction to UART Communication