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Learn 8 Robots in 10 Days

A quick overview

Curious about creating & controlling Awesome Robots and Devices, you have come to the right place. Learn the technology and programming required to design a fully functional Robots & Devices. For many years now, people have been studying the forces of nature and bringing them under control. Learn to use power of electronics to operate Robots & different Machines. Last century is known for the creation of state-of-art Robots & Machines which can address critical task & take decision. Logiczap NextGen brings those technology in their specially design Robotics LAB, where any passionate person can learn all this technology through hands-on practical learning.


In our Professional Certification Program on Arduino Robotics Course, you will learn to design and develop robots & devices that work independently, will make their own decisions, act, move, communicate with each other and people around, and control other devices as well. We will teach you how to create such robots & devices, and program them.


After this course, you will be able to create robots & devices that read data from variety of sensors, receive and forward data wirelessly, take decision & perform different task. The creation of such devices will involve design, the study of their components, programming logic, and hardware.

29th NOV 2022

Rs. 5,999/-


Course Completion Certificates


Course Content

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Introduction to Microcontroller​

Module 3: Introduction to Arduino

Module 4: Arduino Programming